YouTube Sync

At Burstimo we pride ourselves on getting your music placed where people are actually listening and with 55% of people discovering new music via video stream, YouTube is a key platform to focus on for your marketing strategy.

Working with a pool of YouTubers with subscriber bases ranging from 10k-5million, Burstimo gets your music placed in YouTube videos securing millions of views. Our network consists of various YouTube channels such as Travel Vlogs, Extreme Sports, Fashion, Motoring, Make-up Tutorials and Fashion/Shopping.

What we do

After the track has been released, the Burstimo team will send your track out to a network of YouTubers for them to review and consider for their next video. You will receive a confirmation that the channel will be using your track and it will be included in your next weekly report.

With YouTube watchers using the Shazam app or checking the video description to find out the artist and title of the track they’ve just heard, we make sure your track is linked in the description and at least 20 seconds are used throughout, which results in organic streams and fans of your music.

These content creators rely on us to send them the best quality music available to them, with the assurance that the music will be provided royalty-free and there will be no copyright claims on the video.

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