Spotify playlisting campaigns

Our approach:

We work with an artist with the aim to secure their position on the largest playlists across Spotify. We pitch to curators to make sure your music is heard by the most influential people in the industry.


With data proving digital streaming platforms to be where the majority consume and discover music, our digital marketing team work with each artist to outline target audience, genre and style to determine which platform is most suited to the music, generating more streams and royalties.



Our industry leading Spotify pitching service allows the artist to reach millions, ensuring organic and algorithmic growth across all platforms.


With a database of hundreds of suitable playlists for music across all genres, we attract the algorithms to allow discovery and growth.


The primary objective for the campaign is not only to increase streams but to effectively trigger the Discover Weekly algorithm in order to provide the artist with sustainable growth for the duration of their career. We’re proud that we have a 90% success rate of triggering the algorithm for artists.


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