Social Media

Social Media is becoming one of the most important drivers to success for a modern-day artist, with the majority of people discovering new music while browsing their phone through their news feed.

The objective is to get people to stop scrolling and to take notice of your music, and to do this you need a specific strategy which has been well implemented.

Burstimo has a dedicated social media team who create a bespoke strategy for your campaign, to identify your target audience and utilize unique content and paid advertising to organically grow a loyal audience who will follow you for your entire career.

Content Strategy

A mistake artists often make when it comes to posting content on their social media is looking to see what the established artists are doing on their accounts and replicating the same strategy on their own social media. This results in bands simply posting picture, backstage photos then advertising their next gig or music video. For an emerging artist you need a completely different strategy to those who already have a large presence and fan-base.

At the beginning of your campaign, the Burstimo team will design a strategy to best attract your new potential fans, with a month by month plan of funnelling your new fans right from first discovery down to streaming your latest release or buying tickets to your next gig.

What we Do

Graphic Design – Our design team will create imagery for your social media accounts which aligns with your bespoke strategy.

Video Editing – Along with graphics, we edit videos to ensure that every piece of video content posted is to a high standard and engaging.

Managing ad budget– Your advertising budget will be managed by Facebook and Google certified advertising agents, who precisely target new and potential fans.

On average, it takes people 7 times to see a brand before they make a purchase and it is no different with music. With all of the content creating, we create an ad funnel similar to the strategy used by the world’s biggest companies. We start with content which is easy to digest for those just discovering you as an artist, we then use retargeting techniques to raise your brand awareness and funnel those potential fans in to become dedicated fans.

Aims of Social Media

Sell tickets – Create geographically targeted strategies to sell tickets for your next gig.

Increase video views – Using content strategies, Facebook advertising and Youtube ads we can increase views on your videos.

Grow fanbase – Sustainably grow your fan-base using constant engagement and advertising to reach a wider audience.

We work across all Social Media Platforms, utilising hashtags, engagement, influencers, collaborations and paid advertising to grow audiences across all platforms.


One of the most effective ways to grow your fan-base quickly is to collaborate with others who have a large social media following. There is potential that you can add-value to their content which allows you to feature on their social media while increasing the quality of their content and promoting yourself.

The Burstimo team will seek out collaboration opportunities for you, to help find the right fit for your strategy. It doesn’t have to be with another artist, it could be with a different type of content creator or a business with a large audience.


As part of the Social Media service, you will receive our influencer marketing service, which you can read more about here.

With this service we will find opportunities for people to share your music and create the foundations for your track to go viral.

Check out our Victors, Kid Kapichi and Teffler case studies for examples our Social Media strategies


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