Social Media

Social Media is becoming one of the most important drivers to success for a modern-day artist, with major labels looking carefully into artists followers and engagement to judge their potential.

The objective for social media music marketing is to get people to stop scrolling and to take notice of your music, and to do this you need a specific strategy which has been well implemented. Burstimo has a dedicated social media team who create a bespoke strategy for your campaign, to identify your target audience and utilise unique content and paid advertising to organically grow a loyal audience who will follow you for your entire career.

Content Strategy

Prior to your campaign, the Burstimo team will design a bespoke strategy to best attract new potential fans, with a month by month plan of funnelling your new fans right from first discovery, down to streaming your latest release or buying tickets to your next gig.

What we Do

Graphic Design – Our graphic design team will create visual content for your social media platforms which aligns with your bespoke strategy and themes

Video Editing – Along with graphics, our team will edit videos to create high quality and engaging content

Managing ad budget– Your advertising budget will be managed by Facebook and Google certified advertising agents, who precisely target new and potential fans. Starting with content which is easy to digest and then using retargeting techniques to raise your brand awareness, we use a funnel method to engage potential fans in to becoming dedicated fans.

Influencer Marketing – We pitch to major influencers to place your track in videos and share it on social media, with the aim to increase fanbase, sales and streams. Having a large database of major influencers with a combined following of over 30 million, we place your music in front of the right people.

As well as major influencers, anyone with a following is a micro-influencer, so we also approach the micros, securing multiple placements with the potential of going viral. We activate across many different platforms depending upon who and how you want to communicate with your target audience.

Alongside independent influencers, we look into brand partnerships, who already have direct communication and trust with your target audience. With success with fashion brands including Rokit, P&CO and Topman, as well as Footballer Christian Fuchs’ fashion line, we work alongside major brands to create content that will push your music to a larger audience, whilst building relationships along the way.