New Google features that musicians can take advantage of TODAY

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Google have just released a whole new tool for your music promotion. To compete with the likes of Twitter and Facebook, Google have added to their Posts on Google, which allows businesses to post fresh and up-to-date information about their business, whether it is a picture, video or a short blog post.

Google have now made this available to musicians and artists. Previously, when you searched for an artist, it would pull pictures from their YouTube, Wikipedia and pull any images that are available online. Now, artists will have complete control over the content at the top of the search results, allowing them to post custom images, videos or blog posts directly on to the Google search results.

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Posts on Google is a product which Google is slowly rolling out across the world, however to musicians, it is available now. To find out if you meet the requirements to be able to do this, simply search for the name of your band on Google and then sign up to be verified.

How can artists use this to promote their music?

Like on a lot of Social Media platforms, you need to be creative by creating content which will engage your audience, and give them a glimpse in to the story that they have to follow.

Posts on Google is a unique platform, as they have probably searched your band for a reason, and there is no facility for the fan to ‘follow’ your posts to be able to get continuous updates, therefore you need to use this opportunity to pull in the fan to want to see more of the content you have to put out. A mistake to make is to take this opportunity to advertise something to the potential fan, there’s no need to plug your latest single or your upcoming gig, they already know, or can find out this information from somewhere else, you need to draw them in to a place where you can constantly get your content and music in front of their eyes. This will allow you to keep them updated as well as promote whatever you need to once you have them hooked.


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