Music Video Production

Content is key! The average person watches 3 hours of video per day, meaning video content is crucial for a musician to promote their music and overall brand. We work with our clients to create video content for social media, full music videos and session shoots.

Burstimo proudly work with the amazing Adam Prosser for music video production for our clients

Music Videos

YouTube is the most popular way for people to listen to music online so making a music video for your next release will work as an effective marketing tool to secure new fans, new press and even TV coverage. A music video makes fans feel closer to the artist, adds to the art of the song and most importantly, can be used as the key asset for promotion. Our videographers work alongside an artist to bring their track to life in a visual form, whether that be in a narrative, performance or animated format. As well as creating the storyboard, we cover location scouting, booking of cast, rental of props and post production.

Session Videos

Session videos give you the opportunity to strip everything back and perform a rendition of your material in a slightly different way. Not only will this show your fans a new style to your track, but it also works for your promotor when organising official sessions with the likes of Balcony TV, Sofar Sounds and Reload Sessions. Our videographers have top quality audio and camera equipment that will capture your live performance to perfection.

Social Media Content

So you have a music video, you’ve even shot a session or two, but you’ve run out of visual content for your socials. We will create a content strategy around videos, which will increase followers, engagement and overall fanbase. Creating short clips for Instagram stories, engaging videos for Facebook or vlog style content for YouTube, we can transform your socials into visual heavy platforms that will be impossible to ignore.

Previous Work

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