Music PR in 2018

The role of Music PR companies has dramatically changed over the past 10 years, no longer is their main aim to get your music as much coverage as possible in the press, including premieres, features and reviews. However, that’s not all Music PR is. PR stands for “Public Relations” which means interacting with the public and getting your name out there, and media coverage only covers half of that.

At Burstimo we look at the audiences, readerships and listenership’s of publications to ensure that your music is reaching the maximum number of potential fans.

The PR services are where we look at building your online presence, portfolio of radio plays and overall image. Although the music industry has changed drastically over recent years, with traditional press losing its value, the press is still very important for acting as a springboard and proof of success for platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

The benefits of Music PR

A Music PR campaign gives you the CV and reputation to release your music and allow it to travel further at a quicker rate. Your music will be taken seriously by those who are influential in the industry and have the ability to spread your music to a mass audience and get it the awareness it deserves. Every artist’s success stems from the press they have initially received. You can read an example this in our Dutchkid Case Study.

What we do

At Burstimo we have redefined the meaning of Music PR, by getting your music in places where people are actually listening, with real audiences. Press coverage is only the foundation of breaking an artist, this validates you as an artist which gives you the credibility for us to push you forward to then go on to get your music placed in major places with mass audiences, including National Radio, placement on Spotify, Apple and Deezer playlists and TV and Movie placement.

We break artists into the highly competitive music industry. Each individual project has meaning to us as we take you to the next level in your career. Unlike other Music PR companies, each package is designed around the client to suit their needs, genre and image, so to reach the full potential of the artist and exploit every media coverage opportunity. Every campaign is carefully planned and tailored to the artist, using the team’s knowledge and expertise to deliver results that no other PR company could offer. PR has always been a powerful way to generate awareness and create positive brand perceptions, and this is no different for musicians, so we work with our clients to gain maximum exposure in all areas of the media.

Press Coverage

Due to our strong relationships with top journalists, we confirm premieres and exclusives to maximise coverage with major platforms. We believe it’s essential to get your music in the right places, focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Online promotion is essential for every emerging artist, especially when launching new material. Not only does online coverage create a stronger image and can be used as a springboard for securing major streaming platform playlists and radio plays but will pick up the attention of brands for partnership and the major labels.


Having secured plays, interviews and sessions across stations such as BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, Virgin Radio and Amazing Radio, we specialise in breaking new music on the airwaves. We secure regional radio coverage all across the UK as well as putting the single forward to national radio shows, initially trying to get spot plays before pushing to get the track put on rotation.

Radio airplay gives an artist the potential to reach new fans, secure more streams and eventually break into the charts. Offering an experienced, passionate and well-focused approach, we carefully select radio stations and shows that we know personally and are confident will be fitting for your music.

TV/Video Promotion

We promote your music to TV outlets, with success in national TV and in-store video outlets such as in-flight entertainment and fitness television playlists. Having worked with thousands of emerging artists, we know where your music is most fitting, whether it be Kerrang! TV, Made In Chelsea or This Morning.

As well as being financially rewarding, getting your track placed on national TV will build your brand, as well as streams. With over 1 billion Shazam downloads in 2017, we can push to secure TV coverage potentially making your single the next hit.

Live Sessions

One of the most effective ways of showcasing your musical talent is through Live Sessions. As part of your campaign, Burstimo will pitch your music for the possibility of featuring in a live session. These sessions are usually filmed and in-front of a live audience. The likes of Sofar sounds, Secret Sessions and London Live use their huge platforms to allow you to perform a stripped back session of your music to a mass audience.

Brand Collaboration

Major brands are always on the lookout for emerging artists to team up with for cross-promotion. With the ongoing success and exposure of your PR campaign brands such as fashion, technology or instrument companies may choose to collaborate with you.

This involves the brand supplying the artist with their product as well as promoting the artist’s music on their social media channels and publications. Brands such as ASOS, Burberry and Rokit are constantly on the lookout for emerging talent.

The Results

We pride ourselves in consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Music Promotion and doing it on a regular basis. All of our case studies are recent, and every project we take on we have a case study in mind.

Every campaign is different, we never know whether the success of your campaign will be because you got played on a TV show such as Made in Chelsea, of perhaps you’ll end up with a major brand collaboration, or be added to multiple Apple Music and Spotify playlists.

After your artist brand has strength and credibility behind it, this will create a platform for further opportunities to follow in to place and can even help you secure live gigs and festivals.

What to expect

Process of a PR Campaign:

1) The Burstimo team will gather any previous press, information and angle which makes you unique as an artist.

2) Your key target areas will be established and agreed between Burstimo and the artist to ensure the most suitable press are targeted in order to attract the right fans for your music.

3) Your information will be packaged so it is attractive to press and outlets.

4) We start pitching to press and blogs 3-4 weeks before your release. This is to secure as much coverage on the day of your release and potentially a premiere with a major blog.

5) After the release your music will be pushed out to further outlets, radio stations and opportunities such as brand collaborations, TV and YouTube channels.

How to have a successful campaign

Once your campaign has started, it doesn’t end there for you. Throughout the duration of the campaign you will need to be constantly contactable to answer interview questions, provide quotes, schedule a live radio interview or even travel for a televised session. Therefore, it is important that you are responsive to ensure no opportunities are missed.

To have a successful campaign it is best to ensure you have all of your assets ready and available for us to use. Here is everything you’ll be asked for to maximize the results of your campaign:

  • High Resolution Images
  • Artwork
  • Private Streaming Links (Soundcloud or YouTube)
  • MP3 File (Mastered)
  • Completed Biography
  • List of any previous press/quotes
  • Release Date

Make sure to contact us at least 4 weeks before you release to ensure we have sufficient preparation time.

You can read further information about how to make the most of our campaign with our blog post here.

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