Get People talking about your music

At Burstimo we look at the audiences, readerships and listenership’s of the media to ensure that your music is reaching its maximum potential and engaging with as big an audience as possible.

Our Music PR campaigns give artists the CV and reputation to release their music so it can travel further at a quicker rate. Your music will be taken seriously by those who are influential in the industry and have the ability to spread your music to a mass audience and get it the awareness it deserves.

Where your music will be featured

We break artists into the highly competitive music industry. Each individual project has meaning to us as we take you to the next level in your career. Unlike other Music PR companies, each package is designed around the client to suit their needs, genre and image, so to reach the full potential of the artist and exploit every media coverage opportunity.

Press Coverage

Due to our strong relationships with top journalists, we confirm premieres and exclusives to maximise coverage with major platforms. We believe it’s essential to get your music in the right places, focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Not only does the online coverage we secure creating a stronger image for you, acting as a springboard for securing playlist features and radio play, but will also pick up the attention of brands for partnership and the major labels.


Having secured plays, interviews and sessions across stations such as BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, Virgin Radio and Amazing Radio, we specialise in breaking new music on the airwaves.

Radio play gives an artist the potential to reach new fans, secure more streams and eventually break into the charts. Offering an experienced, passionate and well-focused approach, we carefully select radio stations and shows that we know personally and are confident will be fitting for your music.

TV/Video Promotion

We promote your music to TV outlets, with success in national TV and in-store video outlets such as in-flight entertainment and fitness television playlists. Having worked with thousands of emerging artists, we know where your music is most fitting, whether it be Kerrang! TV, Made In Chelsea or This Morning.

As well as being financially rewarding, getting your track placed on national TV will build your brand, as well as streams. With over 1 billion Shazam downloads in 2017, we push to secure TV coverage to make your single the next hit.

Live Sessions

One of the most effective ways of showcasing your musical talent is through Live Sessions. As part of your campaign, Burstimo will pitch for you to be featuring in a live session. These sessions are usually filmed and in-front of a live audience. Booking sets for our clients on the likes of Sofar sounds, Secret Sessions and London Live, allows the artists to perform a stripped back session to a mass audience.

Brand Collaboration

Having successful confirmed brand deals for artists with the likes of Nasty Gal, ASOS and River Island, we’ve seen the huge impact a brand collaboration can achieve for an artist. Using angles outside of the music, we can approach major brands to secure collaborations which mean you receive promotion on their social media platforms, free equipment, payment or invitations to industry events.

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