I hired Burstimo to help promote my release and I couldn’t be happier! I have already started planning my new campaign with them and I’m super excited to see even more success!” – Molly Marrs

With only one release under her belt, our aim with modern pop star Molly Marrs was to promote her single ‘All Of Me’, focusing on building her Spotify streams, social media figures and engagement and also securing a stronger online presence. Within the campaign, we secured global radio play, a reach of over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, a New Music Friday Spotify placement and support from Instagram accounts with over 1.5 million followers. 


The track ‘All Of Me’ was extremely radio friendly, so we aimed to secure radio play not just in the UK or her home country of America but across the globe. With Brazilian national radio station A Rádio POP FM playing the song as well as the POP DJ Show premiering the track on 55 FM stations broadcasting live to 48 million people in South America and Portugal, the single received radio coverage within many countries, exposing Molly to an audience across the world.

With Molly being religious, we also worked with Christian radio stations to push the single further, securing an interview on Premier Christian Radio’s Drive Time Show and a play on the Unsigned Show, reaching over 1.2 million listeners. 


Using the Christian angle once again, we pitched Molly to New Music Friday Christian, securing placement on release day, generating thousands of streams. On the day of release, the track was also added to Spotify Official Beats of Tomorrow. 



We secured YouTube placement with relevant, high following YouTubers who could use the track within their videos and link to it within the description to drive streams and new fans. Six YouTube channels used the track within videos, crediting in the description, with a combined subscriber base of over 1 million. 

Alongside the YouTubers, we focused on securing placement in high follower Instagram accounts that could use the track within their videos, tagging Molly’s account, again to drive streams but also Instagram followers. Three Instagram placements were secured, with a combined following of over 1.5 million.

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