Merchandise acts as brand awareness, with people wearing your band name across their chest, but also a source of income. Having desirable merch is extending an artist’s brand through a global program of different consumer products, acting as a way to interact with your fanbase and get taken to the next level of your career. We work alongside the artist to make and design custom merchandise. Covering all merch from t-shirts to stickers, we create a product you’ll be proud to sell at your next gig.

Merchandise has now become one of the most important income streams for an artist, with the income-model changes for the industry, artists now rely on selling merchandise to fund their tours and standard of living while they make music for their fans.

Therefore, it is important to have a strategy in place in order to produce the right kind of merchandise that fans would like to purchase, as well as promoting the items across various channels.

Merchandise strategy

The Burstimo team create a bespoke merchandise strategy which will be implemented and promoted to your fans.

The process:

1) Overall strategy is defined – We work with you to create the best strategy to convert fans in to customers

2) Initial designs and product range is confirmed – We create a list of potential designs and products which would suit your bands brand and style, as well as identifying the right products for your current fan-base.

3) Production of merchandise – Burstimo uses third-party partners to ensure high quality production of your merchandise range, handling both manufacturing and distribution.

4) The sales funnel is created – The team implement your sales funnel, implementing the strategy to sell the product range, with stalls at live events as well as advertising across social media.

Creating Sales outlets

As fans may not always attend your most recent gigs, or be ready to purchase at your gig you need to have your merchandise available on your website. Burstimo have a web development team who can implement an online store on to your website, allowing fans to browse the product range, add to basket and proceed with a purchase through an integrated Paypal system.

Merchandise Production

Burstimo work with third-party manufacturing companies to ensure a high quality product which will be an attractive purchase with the durability to last for many years.

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