Live Booking

Live shows are critical in building a fan base and having a dedicated booking agent means you can start playing bigger shows, more established festivals, better venues and opening slots for larger acts, which is essential in building your career. Our agents have contacts across the whole of the UK with venues and promotors pushing your music to the appropriate audience.

You may be thinking ‘why can’t I do this myself?’. A booking agent has strong relationships with venues and promoters that wouldn’t be possible to secure on your own. Promoters like working with agents they know and trust, so using an agent will land you a better deal for shows and better slots.

Not only is playing live great for gaining new fans while you’re at the venue, but it has proven to increase Spotify streams and grow fans as people research all of the acts playing at the gig they are attending, which means they will stream your tracks and decide whether they’d like to hear more of your music. Furthermore, major festivals often have their own playlists which generate a high number of streams and drive awareness to your music.

The Live Booking Service

Creating a tour strategy, handling the financial aspect and working alongside our promotion team for regional coverage around tour dates, are just a few of the tasks our booking agent will carry out whilst working alongside you. Whilst securing dates across the UK that suit your genre, target audience and fanbase, we will be running promotion that will guarantee ticket sales.


Our Live booking service covers UK & Ireland. We specialise in booking small/medium sized gigs which have been hosted by major promoters who help support emerging artists. Focus on one individual area such as London or the North of England, or book a Nationwide tour to maximise the exposure for your band.

Bands often aim to be the headline act of their gig, but one of the best forms of awareness is to support a band who has a larger fan base. This will allow you to perform to their current fan base and potentially gain new fans. We make sure your support slot matches your genre of music and the attendees are likely to become a lifelong fan of your music.
What’s needed from you
As well as having strong contacts with venue owners and promoters across the country, to get the most out of your live booking it is important to have a strong visual brand, including professional photos, videos of previous live sessions, strong press coverage and a Spotify profile with streams which shows you have a fan base and could potentially bring a crowd. It also helps to show a willingness to promote your gigs on Social Media with an engaged following