“Easy to work with, switched on and genuinely passionate about the music they’re working with, Burstimo provides the commitment and care you’d expect from a top PR company. We’re definitely looking forward to working with the team again!” – LaKyoto

Having been together for little over twelve months, Edinburgh outfit LaKyoto were looking for us to build their name by increasing streams and improving on their online presence via large blogs. Throughout the two campaigns we’ve worked with LaKyoto, we secured multiple national radio plays, strong online coverage and 6 Spotify Official playlists.

Campaign 1

We were pushing out another one of their signature upbeat, instantly addictive tracks ‘Something About You’ for their first campaign. Within the campaign, we secured multiple national radio plays, strong regional press and Spotify Official playlist placement.


With the single being extremely radio friendly, we immediately pitched to national radio, soon confirming a play with Jim Gellatly on Amazing Radio. We then got the track spun on idobi Radio, with roughly 3.5 million unique monthly listeners, then put on rotation on idobi Anthem. With the band hailing from Scotland, we focused on their local BBC, securing a ‘Track of The Week’ placement on BBC Radio nan Gàidheal, the BBC Scottish Gaelic radio station.



Indie pop is an extremely competitive genre, so we focused on what made LaKyoto different, using these angles to secure press in larger outlets. Their Scottish origins led to a feature in The Skinny, which has a combined social media following of over 110k. We then focused on their Asian inspirations, shown by their Japanese name, which led to us confirming a feature in Hello Asia!, which has over 40k followers across socials.

Hello Asia


Only having 2 releases under their belt, we felt it essential to push LaKyoto out to the correct Spotify Editors, increasing streams and their overall fanbase. Within a week of release, the track was added to Spotify Official playlist New Pop Revolution.

New Pop Revolution


Again, working another indie anthem ‘Invincible’, we knew we had to push LaKyoto to the next level for this campaign. Within their second campaign, we secured multiple national radio plays and 5 Spotify Official playlists, including 3 New Music Fridays.


To build on previous plays, we immediately looked to secure another play with Jim Gellatly on Amazing Radio, which we did within the first week. Soon after, the track was picked up on the main show at Amazing Radio, Charlie Ashcroft’s Audition Show, which LaKyoto won, leading to the track getting put on rotation.

We then got the track spun on idobi Radio, SOHO Radio and added as a ‘Track of The Week’ on BBC Radio nan Gàidheal, the BBC Scottish Gaelic radio station.

Radio Lakyoto 2

With the lads being Scottish, regional press was once again secured but with the aim to achieve bigger and better. We confirmed a feature in the online and print addition of Edinburgh Evening News.

Lakyoto 2


On the day of release, ‘Invincible’ was added to Spotify Official New Music Friday UK, New Music Friday Denmark and New Indie & Alt. To keep the streams flowing, we re-approached Spotify and secured 2 further Official playlists New Pop Revolution and De Nye, securing over 25,000 streams in one week.

Lakyoto Spotify 2

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