Is All PR Good PR?: The Sherlocks Case Study

Many people that don’t work in public relations will tell you that “all PR is good PR”. In other words, if people are talking about you, it doesn’t matter what they say, they are still talking about you but is that true? PR can be negative or positive and you need to focus on keeping a good reputation rather than pushing for media coverage.

Just the other day British indie rock band The Sherlocks hit the press hard after they sneakily made themselves appear to have a bigger slot at Y Not Festival. The difference in posters wasn’t hard to spot after the poster the band shared on their socials listed them on the third line alongside Circa Waves, Seasick Steve and Leveller, whilst the official Y Not poster showed them on the fourth line along with Buzzcocks, Fat White Family, Tom Grennan, Peace and Shame.


Many fans on Twitter even claimed the band blocked them after they were caught out on criticising them for arrogantly making it out they had a bigger slot than they did. The Sherlocks swapped themselves with English rock band The Amazons, but they are yet to respond.

It’s hard to believe that people think that “all PR is good PR” but in the past the fact that your band were even being discussed meant you’d gained the media’s eye, however it’s damaging and clearly isn’t a good thing. Music promotion should be about getting your band heard and appreciated for their music, rather than getting your name out there no matter what the press are saying.

Sherlocks poster

Would you call The Sherlocks’ actions a PR stunt or just a moment of pure egotism? With coverage in the likes of BBC News, The Independent and Clash Magazine criticising their photoshop phenomenon, they have certainly taken over the press but is that a good thing?  No one really knows the aim of their efforts but surely this comes to show not all PR is good PR.

Sherlocks tweet

Mock Poster Sherlocks

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