Influencer Marketing

74% of people trust social networks to guide them in purchasing decisions, so we pitch to major influencers to place your track in videos, share it on socials or link to it on platforms, with the aim to increase fanbase and sales/streams. Having a large database of major influencers with a combined following of over 30 million, we place your music in front of the right people. As well as major influencers, anyone with a following is a micro-influencer, so we also approach the micros, securing multiple placements with the potential of going viral. We activate across many different platforms depending upon who and how you want to communicate with your target audience.

Alongside independent influencers, we look into brand partnerships, who already have direct communication and trust with your target audience. With success with fashion brands including Rokit, P&CO and Topman, as well as Footballer Christian Fuchs’ fashion line, we work alongside major brands to create content that will push your music to a larger audience, whilst building relationships along the way.

What is influencer marketing ?

Influencer marketing is using someone else’s existing fan base to help promote your music to a wider audience. With word of mouth being the strongest marketing channel, we tend to respect the opinion of those who’s content we consume on a daily basis, whether it is from a personal friend’s social media or from a famous content creator who is receiving millions of views on every video.

When the influencers hear your music, they are likely to share the track with their current audience. It could be via a social media post or using your track in one of their Youtube videos or Instagram stories.

This can cause a viral effect, with people seeing their friends and idols sharing a piece of music, so they feel confident to share it too, causing exponential growth in streams, followers and fans.

How does it help artists?

Artists often find it difficult to persuade people to share their music, especially as those who aren’t music fanatics are unlikely to choose to share music from an emerging artist, so often your need an initial push to get things started.

Once your track receives its initial shares you are likely to see a snowball effect where others begin to follow along and share the track too, which then equates to real and organic streams and fans.

Who are Influencers?

Influencers are those with large following on social media, they are named ‘influencers’ as they influence their audiences’ views, opinions and decisions. Therefore, if they were to use or endorse your music, it is highly likely that their fans would listen to your music with the expectations to enjoy the track and share it with their friends.

The Burstimo team will reach out to our network of influencers who will consider your track and potentially use it within their content and as an influencer they will share it on their social media channels. We know which genre’s our influencers like to receive and use in their content, so they know that when they receive a track from us it will have already been carefully filtered to ensure that it matches their genre and music preference.

Who are Micro-influencers?

Micro-influencers are essentially all social media users, but more specifically those frequently share music with their friends. With 30% of people more likely to make a buying decision if the recommendation has come from a personal friend, this strategy can prove to be incredibly powerful.

During your campaign the Burstimo team use powerful search tools to identify people on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter who share music similar to yours with their friends, and we make sure they hear your track. If they like the track we know they are willing to share it with their friends.

The impact

This strategy lays the foundations for your music video to go viral, resulting in Music Video views and Spotify streams reaching the millions, with complete organic growth as well as naturally reaching the people who enjoy your genre of music.

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