HANNIE | Spotify Officials, Nasty Gal Clothing Collab and In-Store Radio

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“These guys are amazing at what they do. We love working with them!!!” – HANNIE

Having only officially released three singles, the female production duo HANNIE came to us looking to increase their streams, overall online presence and also take advantage of their large social media following by securing collaborations with relevant brands. Within the 6-week timeline, we were focusing on their single ‘Stay Another Night’ featuring vocals from multi-platinum HIGHT and secured support from Spotify, major fashion brands as well as a YouTube audience of over 6.9 million.


With HANNIE’s Instagram having a following of over 20k, plus the girls having separate Instagram accounts with a joint following of over 183k, we approached major brands looking to secure collaborations that would be relevant for the girl’s brand and musical style. A collaboration was secured with major fashion brand Nasty Gal, who interviewed the duo for their site as well as sending them a package of clothing to feature on their socials.

Nasty Gal


With the track having a commercial, summer vibe, we were aiming to secure YouTube placement with relevant, high following YouTubers who could fit the track within their videos and link it within the description. Within the campaign, we confirmed 24 YouTube videos, a mixture of both vloggers and still image music channel videos with a combine subscriber base of 6.9 million. Examples of high follower YouTube channels that used the track are NewMelody, Kalyn Nicholson and Freddy My Love.



Alongside the YouTubers, we also approached high follower Instagram accounts that would use the track within their videos. Three Instagram profiles used the track with a combined following of over 1.2 million. Each Instagrammer linked to the track in the video description with the Spotify link and tagging HANNIE’s Instagram.

Krystal Clear


On the day of release, ‘Stay Another Night’ was added to 3 Spotify Official ‘New Music Friday’ playlists from Denmark, Iceland and Sweden. After the day of release, the track was then placed on two more Officials, GRL PWR and On Point.


In-Store Radio

HANNIE’s ‘Stay Another Night’ was placed in multiple in-store radio stations across Europe including Solaris, Pimkie and C&A.

solaris c&a pimkie