Graphic Design

Visual content is key! Specialising in graphic design and illustration work for the music industry, Sean Dalton will design logos, lyric videos, social media content, artwork and EPKs, bringing an artistic touch to all work. Elevating it to a level beyond the average design, we’ll create visual content that you can use for promotional purposes, social media content, approaching labels or for general brand awareness. For whatever the purpose, we’ll discuss how we can design something that’ll be representative of you as an artist.

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Logo Design

On your Spotify profile the first thing people see is your logo, so you must ensure that you have a well designed logo which represents your band.

Social Media Music Promotion

Social Media

Social Media has become one of the most important aspects for the success of a band. Keeping your audience engaged on a daily basis can be difficult and time consuming. Our designs can create attractive posts for all of your socials which encourage potential fans to follow your accounts.

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Album Artwork

The perfect press release requires stunning album artwork. To ensure that the media pick up on your latest release as well as looking attractive to those listening to your track on Spotify, it is important to have professional artwork which is aligned with your overall image as an artist.

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A well designed EPK can be one of the most valuable assets you have as a band. For an emerging artist you need your EPK to be attractive and easily present the key information needed by press, labels and other parties who may have an interest in your music.

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Teffler EPK

Social Media Posts

Tour Posters

Poster design

Album Artwork

CD Design and Branding

CD Design