While your chosen music promotion company will write your press release, you may want to do it all yourself but struggle creating the copy. Having close relationships with major journalists, producers and curators, we know what they look for in an artist’s press release, so we capture your individuality, delivering copy that you can use for any platform.


As creative, expressive musicians, it’s easy to believe that your music alone does the talking. It does, of course, but a well written artist biography can be what gets your music listened to and is the foundation of your music promotion campaign, giving the reader a glimpse into your career, background and accomplishments. Pre-release, all labels, agents and promoters will expect you to have an up to date biography, so our copywriters can create a bio for you that stand out to anyone that reads it, which can be used for your Spotify or social media accounts, for your promotional company or for general copy.


Press Release

You’ve got your music ready for its public debut, you know where you want to pitch it, but you don’t know how to sell it in, this is when you need to have a press release written. The press release is selling the product to the reader, and in this case will work in securing major coverage, radio play and playlist placement. We work alongside the artist to identify what you’re promoting, find the hook and angle the press release in a way it cannot be ignored.